Tips for reducing school morning stress.

Tips for stress free school mornings!


The countdown is on to the start of school!  With the knowledge that school is almost here, so is the dread at the school routine every morning and the worry about whether we will manage to get our kids out of the house without meltdowns, yelling and forgetting something important.  I have 2 children I need to get out of the house within 30 minutes thanks to VERY early school start times.  So I know Read more…

Dos and Don'ts of dream feeding.

Dream feeding: everything you need to know.

Dream feeding seems like a great idea.  If you feed your child asleep right before you yourself go to bed, then hopefully they’ll sleep longer, which gives you a longer time of uninterrupted sleep.  Sounds like heaven, right?  I tried this with my second son who took ages to sleep through the night, but sadly this never had the desired effect for him! Dream feeding can wake your baby up. Now having studied baby and Read more…

Every parent with a toddler wonders how to calm them down their over active toddler as bedtime looms. Here are 7 tips to help wind your toddler down!

How to wind down your toddler at bedtime!


Every parent with a toddler wonders how to calm them down when they are running around like crazy after dinner and bedtime is looming. Here are 7 tips to help wind down your toddler at bedtime! 1) Consider why they are running around like crazy. Toddlers that appear to be full of energy can actually already be tired and this is their way of keeping their little bodies awake.  They may have already gotten a Read more…


Helping a child recover from jet lag.


Holidays, where you travel to different timezones, are always fun when they are happening but then there is the dreaded “J” word to deal with when you get back. What do you do when your children are jet-lagged and want to party in the middle of the night when you just want to sleep?  How do you help a child recover from jet lag? When you cross two or more timezones, especially when traveling east, Read more…

The 7 best tips for preparing for the new school year.

The 7 best tips for preparing for the new school year.


The start of the new school year is slowly sneaking up on us.  Not only is it time to make sure our children have everything they need to start the school year: backpack, lunchbox, uniform, labels and more.  It is also time to start having a good look at their sleep routine to start preparing them for that first day.  During the holidays it can be quite normal to be lenient about sleep routines with Read more…

how later bedtimes affect sleep


Visit the Little Big Dreamers Facebook page today to enter the give away to win either a Phone/FaceTime/Skype sleep consulting package or a Slumber Party Package for you and 5 friends!  Good luck everyone.  I’m excited! I hope you are too! Terms and Conditions: NO PURCHASE IS NECESSARY TO ENTER OR WIN. A PURCHASE DOES NOT INCREASE THE CHANCES OF WINNING. Eligibility: This Campaign is open only to those who sign up at and Read more…

Meet Mylee Zschech from Little Big Dreamers!

Hello!  My name is Mylee Zschech.  I’d love to take the time to introduce myself to you and tell you about why I became a child sleep consultant. Growing up back home in Australia I loved the idea of helping people.  As a child I imagined myself in various helping professions like nursing, occupational therapy, psychology and more.  When it became time to choose a direction in college Social Work was my choice and for many Read more…