Have you decided that sleep training is in your future?

Are you struggling with short naps, early rising, night wakings, or a sleep association you just can’t get rid of?
If any of that sounds good to you then this sleep training guide is your answer. It gives you all the information you need to get started on the sleep training journey from planning, implementation, and how to handle bumps on the road.

Learn how to prepare for sleep training.

Preparing for sleep training is just as important as the actual sleep training process. Learn the steps you need to take to be prepared.

Make your sleep plan.

A sleep plan is one of the biggest steps you need to take to ensure sleep training success.  This guide will help you write your sleep plan so you are prepared the day you start.

Choose a method you are confident with.

It is my mission to give parents access to a sleep training methods from gentle to more direct so that they can make a decision that is right for their family. 

** Please note that this does not include any sleep schedules. It will pair well with the  Baby Sleep Guide (4-12 months), a the Toddler Sleep Guide (12 – 24 months) will be launched down the track. **


This guide covers:
Reasons for sleep training.
How to prepare.
How to make a sleep plan (including a bonus sleep plan template).
 6 different sleep training methods.
 Sleep log template.
And more.
Intended for use with babies and toddlers 4 – 24 months.

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Sleep Training Guide for 4 - 24 month old.

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