If only we were given a handbook when we were handed our baby for the very first time!

There is so much information out there about newborn sleep. It can be a lot to take in and very overwhelming. 

Enter The Newborn Sleep Guide: Creating Healthy Sleep Habits From The Start.

Building a healthy sleep foundation

You know this is important but not the steps to take to get there. This Newborn Sleep Guide will help teach you how to do just that.  

Know what to expect

Knowing what to expect as your baby moves through each week of the newborn stage and how to adjust takes the guess work out of sleep.

Gently start to teach self soothing.

Learn steps you can take to gently teach self soothing so that you can lessen the chance of ever needing to sleep train.

In this newborn sleep guide all the information is laid out in an easy to follow way, so that you don’t need to spend hours finding the information you need. The information you learn will also help set you, and your newborn, up for sleep success that can carry on past the newborn stage.
This book will provide information about:
Safe sleep
Baby sleep rhythms explained.
Week – by – week sleep expectations.
Colic, the witching hour and calming a fussy baby.
How to teach self soothing skills.
And so much more!
*Intended for use with babies 0-16 weeks.*

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Newborn Sleep Guide

  • Newborn Sleep Guide
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Client Testimonials

Dont’t take my word for it – here’s what families have said:

“We worked with Mylee to sleep train our first child when he was 6 months, and she was a miracle-worker. Now, we are expecting our second child any day, and with this newborn guide, I feel I have the confidence, tools, and information to start implementing good sleep and self-soothing practices from day one. I love this guide, and the way it brings all of Mylee’s congeniality, clarity, and calm vibes to life. I love Mylee’s holistic approach, and the way she arms her clients with the tools and confidence to manage baby’s sleep through life’s many inevitable changes and stages.”


Mylee’s infant sleep guide was the perfect read prior to giving birth. Mylee offers so many great tips and useful information in this easy to read guide. I find myself referring back to her guide in order to follow her suggestions regarding sleep and development throughout the different stages of infancy. She provides appropriate wake windows and strategies that are useful in helping my baby become an independent sleeper. What I love about this guide is that it is written in a very organized and concise manner, making it easy to follow along. This guide is a must have for any parent with a newborn on the way.


I love that it includes information about how much sleep at each stage and what to do regarding fussiness or colic. I found new info in here even though I’m not a first time mom – I wish I had this four years ago! When I think back on my daughter I realize how much that poor girl was getting sleep deprived so early on because of everyone visiting and wanting to hold her etc. I was so busy playing hostess instead of tending to my newborn back then. I’m looking forward to a whole new experience being in a different state this time and also being armed with all this incredible information at my disposal.