But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You have been spending hours trying to get your baby, toddler or older child to sleep at night (or nap time) only to have to do it all again later on. You are now exhausted, and you know your child is too. You know you need to solve these sleep struggles so that you and your child can be well-rested and enjoy day-to-day life together. Here at Little Big Dreamers, I can help. Using my expert knowledge in child sleep and behavior we can work together to develop a sleep plan that is right for your family to improve your child or baby’s sleep and I can support you as you take steps to make a well rested household your new normal.

Teach your child or baby the life long skill of independent sleep so you don’t need to be the one getting them to sleep each night and so that you can have your time back.


Whether your child feels like they need to have you near, is experiencing fears or has anxiety around sleep.  Learn how you can give them confidence in their ability to sleep.


Teaching independent sleep skills is hard. Having an expert by your side every step of the way, that you can contact for support and advice is a life changer.


Learn all things sleep and behavior from an expert so you can have confidence in handling sleep struggles that come your way both now and in the future.

Client Testimonials

See what other families have to say.

Mylee’s program was gentle, effective and adaptable as each day was unique and threw curve balls. She was available at the odd times including the late nights. Mylee is truly a miracle sleep worker and I would recommend her services to all my friends. I even requested to extend a chat program with her so that I can continue to check in if any questions. I can sleep better at night now knowing that I have Mylee on my side.


Mother of a 7 month old

We had the pleasure of working with Mylee for a second time. Mylee once again demonstrated the same professionalism, attention to detail, and patience that she offered us with our other son. I was sure that our toddler would resist the change however, to our surprise, we had instant success from the very first night! Our toddler walks us through his nightly routine and eagerly anticipates it! Thank you, Mylee!


Mother of a toddler

If you’re like me and need constant reassurance and hand holding during sleep training, then Mylee is the sleep consultant you need! She’s a true expert who genuinely cares and listens with a sympathetic ear. She pays attention to the details and offers you multiple options to find a game plan you’re comfortable with. I’m confident Mylee can solve any sleep issue you are experiencing and I wish I had come to her sooner!


Mother of a 12 month old

We contacted Mylee in a state of pure desperation as it was taking us 4 hours to get our baby to sleep at night. I literally was ready to lose my mind. Within 3 days of working with Mylee, we got our 15 month old on a schedule and he falls asleep on his own, in his crib, within a few minutes of putting him down. I have so much free time at night now, I don’t know what to do with all of it. If you are thinking about booking her, just stop thinking and make the phone call. It will change your life. It did for me!


Mother of an 15 month old

Little Big Dreamers in two weeks changed all our lives by helping our 8 month old twins sleep! We were at the point where I was getting almost no sleep overnight, and the babies definitely were not getting enough. Mylee knew exactly what we needed to do, and exactly how to support us in doing it, and in one day with minimal crying these babies (and I) were sleeping in a sustainable way. I am so grateful to her, and miss our daily check-ins! But I feel confident going forward that we’ll be able to maintain healthy, happy sleep and happy, healthy babies and parents! If you need help with sleep I can’t recommend Mylee enough.


Mother of 8 month old twins

About Mylee Zschech

Little Big Dreamers knows how important sleep is – both for your child and baby and for yourself.

Mylee knows what it is like to be exhausted from constantly trying to get your little one to sleep, because she has been right where you are. You want bedtime to be a breeze, to know that your child is getting the sleep their body needs and so that you can have time to breathe, to relax, and to know that you can have a babysitter for a night out.

BUT FIRST you need to teach them how to sleep independently. This isn’t an easy thing to do on your own. Google and advice from friends and families can often be confusing and conflicting and you want to know that you are taking the right steps for success.
You also want to make sure you have support through the process because sleep training alone sounds daunting. Mylee understands what a big decision sleep training is and how personal the experience of hiring a sleep consultant is. She wants to give you the experience she knows a tired family needs to get on the right track. That’s why she studied child sleep and behavior. So that she can provide you the support and advice that she knew was so important on her sleep training journey.
By working as a team, we will focus on getting them to fall asleep and staying asleep independently so that the whole family is better rested and able to enjoy family life.

Work with Little Big Dreamers

No matter your needs or budget we have packages to suit you. Check out our most popular options below. 

Sleep Strategy Session

30 minute phone call where you can pick Mylee Zschech’s brain and receive expert strategies to solve your current sleep challenges.

Sleep Training Packages

1 or 2 week sleep training packages where you receive a personalized sleep plan and support while you work on making your desired sleep changes. 

Sleep Guides

Do it yourself guides on sleep that you can use to sleep train or if you just want a trusty guidebook on how to manage sleep at different ages.

One night, after another night of working for two hours with our eleven year daughter during bedtime , we realized we needed professional help. My husband, our daughter , and I realized we all dreaded bedtime, and that we needed professional help. Our daughter was highly anxious about bedtime and about getting adequate hours of sleep, and she was having panic attacks surrounding the time/sleeping. I knew that there are sleep consultants for infants, but did not realize that sleep consultants can also help older children, until I found “Little Big Dreamers” through a Google search.

I scheduled a free call with Mylee, and within minutes, I felt at ease, and I knew I was speaking with an expert!

Mylee is compassionate, professional, knowledgeable, and non-judgemental. She created a realistic plan for our family, and personalized it for our needs. She was available for support at night when we needed her-and helped boost our confidence and helped set our minds at ease that we were doing what was best for our family!

Within days, our daughter was able to fall asleep on her own. Each day, her anticipatory anxiety lessened, and she became more confident in her ability to sleep independent. Not only is our daughter back to a healthy bed time routine, but the entire family is as well.

We are forever grateful to connect with Mylee!

J, mother of an 11 year old.

We had a kid that literally would not sleep alone, or even with both parents (she’s 2.5). She would sleep in her own bed in her room but with only one of us. As you know that’s never good for a marriage. It made it really difficult and I know she went through a lot of changes because of a move to a different city, but we found Mylee and our life changed immediately.

Our daughter was sleeping on her own by the second night and it was incredible! We had an amazing conversation that allowed us to find a good plan. Mylee’s expertise allowed us to devise a plan that suited us and was super effective. Our daughter has become a “super sleeper“ and she loves the title!

I highly recommend her and not only is she an amazing sleep specialist but she was able to aid us in some behavior issues! Our daughter is literally so much more rested and open to positive conversation thanks to Mylee!

Sonali, Mom of 2.5 year old.