Little Big Dreamers is available to attend public speaking engagements, group seminars or to run parent groups.

Here are just some of the options you could engage Little Big Dreamers for:

> Day care/Preschool/School talks with staff about healthy sleep habits and baby and child sleep needs.

> Day care/Preschool/School group talks with tired parents to discuss their children’s sleep issues and give general suggestions on how to address them.

> Day care/Preschool/School talks about sleep with children (always free because Little Big Dreamers believes this is so important for our younger generation).

> Corporate workshops on adult, child or baby sleep to help employees maximize their sleep. Well rested employees are happier and more productive.

> Meet and greet so that Little Big Dreamers can introduce their services to staff or tired parents (no sleep problem solving). Always free as long as Little Big Dreamers can hand out promotional material.

> Seminars with mommy groups, play groups, local businesses about anything child and baby sleep related.

> New parent seminars to learn about safe sleep, newborn baby sleep and how to set up healthy sleep habits from the start.

> Running short term mom and baby groups where sleep, breastfeeding and other topics can be discussed.

Prices will vary depending on your seminar/public speaking needs and the size of your group. 

Adult Sleep Coach

Client Testimonials

“I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to speak at my kids’ preschool this morning. It was so helpful for all of us to share with you our sleep struggles and to hear your advice. You are so knowledgeable and compassionate! We’d love to have you come back and speak again in a couple of months. I’m looking forward to implementing some of your suggestions this weekend. Thanks again!”


My experience working with Mylee was great. She is, first and foremost, very knowledgeable and has clearly done the research behind various sleep theories and strategies.


“I was a part of the newborn sleep group! All the information was very helpful. Mylee was incredibly responsive and had an answer for every question I had. My son has chronically not been able to self soothe so therefore he gets up a lot during the day and at night. Mylee has been helping me to train him in a way that is most effective for him and our family! She has been so supportive in helping me as the mom know that what I’m doing is right! It’s so easy to doubt yourself. I will definitely refer her to my friends who need sleep support.”