teaching sleep skills

How to teach your baby to welcome sleep.


From the moment my sons were born there were 2 main things I worried about: sleeping and feeding. As long as my babies were gaining weight I knew that they were okay in the feeding department. Sleeping was completely different. If they weren’t sleeping, I wasn’t sleeping and this just led to a cranky and overtired baby and an exhausted, overly emotional mommy. I’m sure many of you are there or have been there too. Read more…

The benefits of healthy sleep.


Understanding the benefits of healthy sleep for parents and children, is so important.  Sleep is such an important part of everybody’s life.  Not getting enough sleep can be frustrating and make us feel depressed.  Ensuring that our children, get enough uninterrupted sleep (for naps and overnight) is not only important for our children but also for us.  How can we be at our best and feel our best when we are struggling from lack of Read more…

fall back

How to survive the end of daylight savings.


The end of daylight savings (or “Fall Back”) is now less than a month away.  Set your calendars for Sunday November 3rd. Unlike daylight savings most people don’t end up with that “sleep in”, but instead find their kids are up an hour earlier.  Your kids’ sleep period hasn’t moved, but your clock has. end of daylight savings I often embrace the end of daylight savings, as it is much easier to convince my kids it Read more…

electronics sleep

Technology and Sleep


Kids love watching TV, playing on tablets or stealing Mommy and Daddy’s phone to play some games. As parents we often relish that time because our kids are calm and occupied which in turn gives us some downtime too. It is also tempting to pop on that TV after dinner to occupy one child while we get the other through their bedtime routine and into bed. As useful as technology is for helping our kids Read more…

child sunlight

Why is sunlight so important for sleep?


You have probably heard about how important sunlight is for your general health. Sunlight increases the production of serotonin, which is known to improve your mood. Sunlight also increases your energy as well as aids in getting vitamin D into your system, which helps with maintaining your bone strength. Apart from that, sunlight is incredibly important for sleep. Light helps regulate the brain’s internal clock. Our sleep clock (circadian rhythm) uses sunlight to keep our Read more…

Bedtime Routines.


Establishing consistent bedtime routines early plays a key roll in helping your child learn how to become a great sleeper. The sleep routine provides a cue to your baby or child that sleep is coming. It is also an excellent way of spending some wonderful quality time with your little one after the busyness of the day. Establish a routine that you do in the same way each and every night. Consistency is the key, Read more…

siblings sleep training

Sleep Training and Sibling Room Sharing.


Deciding to sleep train your baby when they are room sharing with an older sibling needn’t be difficult.  It is natural to worry that the baby will wake up your older child with all the crying and worry about how your older child will react to the crying.  There are steps you can take to make the sleep training process easier for everyone.  Just remember that, while the sleep training isn’t easy for your whole Read more…

dropping naps

Dropping naps all together.


Working out when your child will be dropping naps all together can be quite difficult. Talking to friends with children will give you varying answers on age and how they made the decision. Some people decide because their child was refusing naps or because it was affecting the bedtime routine, making it difficult to get their child to sleep at a reasonable time at night. In general, a child is ready to be dropping naps Read more…

how later bedtimes affect sleep

How later bedtimes affect sleep.


Many parents who struggle with early risers wonder whether putting them to bed later will mean they sleep later in the morning.  So it is important to investigate how later bedtimes affect sleep. Kids are early risers. Children in general are early risers. A 6 am wake up is certainly not outside the realm of normal. In general every child has their ‘sweet spot’, a time they are naturally inclined to wake up. As an Read more…

well rested baby

How developmental milestones affect sleep.


In their little lives, babies will have periods of disrupted sleep whether it be from sickness, tiredness, mental or physical developmental milestones or any number of things. How physical and developmental milestones affect sleep are hot topics I see discussed a lot. On Facebook mom’s groups and bandied about the Internet I often see these changes labeled as regressions. Anyone heard of the 4-month regression? What a lot of people term a regression is generally Read more…