You keep searching the internet for the answers to your sleep questions, but you are getting overwhelmed and confused by all the different information out there.


Enter the Baby Sleep Guide for 4-12 Month olds! This book assumes that your baby is falling asleep independently but can be purchased in conjunction with the sleep training guide (coming soon) if they aren’t.


In this guide we have laid out all the information you need to know about your baby’s sleep in an easy to follow way, so that you can find the information you need whenever you need it. This guide is perfect for purchasing right on 4 months and keeping it as your baby handbook for the next 8 months, but will still be just as useful if you buy it later on down the track.


This guide covers:
Safe sleep
Creating the perfect sleep environment
Bedtime and naptime routines
Sleep expectations for 4 to 12 month olds
Nap transitions
Sleep regressions
Age-appropriate waketimes and when/how to adjust them
And so much more!
Intended for use with babies 4 – 12 months.


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Baby Sleep Guide

  • Baby Sleep Guide



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