Does your child wake really early in the morning or get up out of bed repeatedly overnight?  Are you about to transition from the crib to a big kid bed or have a child who needs you in their room constantly because of night time fears?  If any of these scenarios ring true for you then you may want to consider investing in a SleeperHero!


The SleeperHero arrived in a lovely box making it the perfect gift for your child to receive.  I bet it would certainly aid in the excitement of receiving it!  My kids (one just turned 5 and the other 6) certainly were excited to see what was inside.  In the box you get a SleeperHero and a children’s book.  The book talks about a little boy who is scared and wants to have his dad stay with him to make him feel safe, but with the SleeperHero he can feel brave and confident to stay in bed all by himself.  If you have a child who is fearful this book would be great in explaining the purpose of the SleeperHero – and even encourages your child to name him.  A feature my boys wanted me to be sure to let you know about!  But if you are dealing with other issue like early rising, getting out of bed or just making the crib to bed transition, you’ll likely just want to invest in the SleeperHero on his own and explain how it’ll work to your child on your own.

Reading SleeperHeroSleeperHero


The SleeperHero works by setting the timer on his back to the time your child should be sleeping from until the time you want them to be awake.  I always suggest a time between 6 am and 7 am is reasonable, but not earlier!  When your child should be asleep the light on the SleeperHero is red and when it is wake up time it turns green. The great thing is that the light is a button so your child can turn it on when they want to check if it is wake up time.  And if they don’t shut him back off, he times out and turns off after 15 minutes.

Now that you know how the SleeperHero works I’d love to tell you what we (my kids and I) love about it:

  • It is a super hero and we know kids love superheroes!
  • It could work great along with sleep rules (I’ll show you an idea below) for kids getting out of bed or transitioning to a big kid bed.
  • The light while it is sleep time is red, which is considered a better color for sleep.
  • You can turn the light off after checking him, so kids won’t be disrupted by light and can try and get back to sleep.  I’ve found some ok to wake clocks are super bright, which is not so great when trying to have a dark environment conducive to sleep.


The SleeperHero  box states that it is for children 3+ but in my opinion it could work for a younger child.  As long as you are confident your little one will understand what the different colors mean and will push the button to check and then turn it off, then you’re good to go!

You can buy the SleeperHero (book and SleeperHero set or just the SleeperHero) off their website or you can head over to Amazon, where you can by the book and SleeperHero set.  I hope your kids enjoy the SleeperHero as much as mine!

And for those of you interested in what a sleep rules chart might look like…..

Sleep Rules


* Disclaimer: Little Big Dreamers received the SleeperHero in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions expressed here are completely my own.

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