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Books are a wonderful part of a child’s bedtime routine.  Not only can it provide a sleep cue but they have other wonderful benefits as well.  Reading with your baby or child can teach your baby about communication, build listening and vocabulary skills, be relaxing and provide an opportunity for cuddles and 1:1 time.   Of course, there will be times where your baby or child won’t be interested in books as part of their bedtime routine, and that is okay – it is best not to push them to do something they aren’t interested in.  You can always re-introduce books down the track if they show interest again.

sleep consultant bedtime book recommendations

Let me show you some of my favorite bedtime books to read to my kids.  My kids are now 6 and almost 8, but these remain some of their favorite books to read at night!

Goodnight Moon

Who doesn’t love this classic bedtime book?  It is nice and short and about saying goodnight to all the different things in the room.  This is an easier one to read to younger kids because it requires less concentration – given its length.

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site

I found that my boys LOVED this one as they grew older.  All the different vehicles around the construction site are preparing for bed after a busy day at the site.  It has a lovely flow with all the rhyming.

Steam Train, Dream Train

Written by the same author as Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site, but this is train oriented.  So if you have a train-obsessed kid, like mine, they’ll LOVE it!

Goodnight, Little Monster

This one has got to be one of my favorites!  It is so cute.  It is about a monster going through his bedtime routine.  Instead of brushing his hair he tangles it, he howls at the moon and scrubs his scales.  This one is super fun for kids and adults.  And when your kids get to school age, there’s a great one called Go To School, Little Monster – which will help you prepare them.

Rudie Nudie

This one is actually an Aussie book, but luckily you can find it here too.  If you have a kid who likes to do a nudie run after their bath, they’ll love this one.  It is a fun version of the bath to bedtime routine with a nudie run in-between.

Book With No Pictures

I couldn’t forget to add a book in for older kids too.  This one is the best silly book to have your kids laughing.  The book gets adults to say the silliest things and what kid wouldn’t enjoy that?  It has nothing to do with bedtime, but it definitely helps for tucking them into bed on a fun note!  My kids LOVE this one!

A Book Of Sleep

This one describes how different animals like to sleep – standing up, eyes closed, eyes open and everything in between.  A lovely book that discusses sleep while providing interesting information about different animals.


I hope you enjoy checking out some of our favorites.  I’d love to hear some of yours too.  You can read books about sleep as part of your bedtime routine, but you can use any book that your kids enjoy as well.  You can read a different one every night or the exact same one.  As long as you both enjoy it, that is the main thing!

Happy Sleeping and Reading!

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