With all the safe sleep recommendations, sleep sacks are a great common suggestion to get around such recommendations as no blankets or quilts.  Even blankets that are suggested as breathable, just aren’t considered safe for sleep.  But there are lots of other great ways sleep sack help sleep as well.


Let’s discuss why you should use a sleep sack, things to think about when choosing sleep sacks and my recommended sleep sacks.


Why use a sleep sack.


Sleep sacks are essentially safe, wearable blankets.  You can generally find them in different TOG ratings so that you can match a sleep sack to the current weather.  TOG ratings are essentially a unit of measurement about how warm a sleep sack is.


Sleep sacks help sleep by reducing a baby’s movements when they start to learn new skills like crawling, standing or sitting.  It doesn’t mean they will not practice in the crib at sleep times, but it can at least reduce their attempts.  whereas if they are just using pajamas then their little legs are free giving them full range of movement.


Sleep sacks can also help when a toddler is at the age to start attempting to climb out of the crib.  If you make sure he crib is on the lowest setting and the high side facing outwards then it will be that much more difficult to lift their leg high enough when they have a sleep sack on.  And the great thing is, if they learn to unzip it you can just pop it on backward, or backward and inside out!


AND WANT TO KNOW THE BIGGEST REASON I LOVE SLEEP SACKS?  They can act as a wonderful sleep cue?  Many babies start to relax and can tell they have to prepare for sleep just by their parents putting them in their sleep sack each nap and bedtime.


My favorite sleep sacks.


I have three favorite brands of favorite sleep sacks.  Each has their own benefits.  It is important that you choose a sleep sack that is right for your baby (or child), which may mean the one you use now, isn’t the one you’ll choose later on down the track.


Halo Sleep Sacks

Halo has a variety of different sleep sacks and the beauty of them is that they can transition into different types as they grow.


They have one with a swaddle for newborns and ones without a swaddle as they transition from swaddling.  Halo even makes sleep sacks that unzip from the bottom so that you don’t need to fully undress during diaper changes.  Now that is a time saver!

And finally, they have ones for older kids between the ages of 2 to 5 as well.  This is great for those crib climbers and also for kids that still aren’t great at keeping their blanket on or tucking themselves back in overnight.


Sleeping Baby Zipadee-Zip Sleep Sack

This is a great sleep sack for transitioning from the swaddle.  It has a very interesting design – shaped like a starfish essentially.  A baby can move their arms and legs while still feel safe and cozy.  This is important when babies start rolling over, as it is no longer safe to swaddle them.  They need to be able to roll both ways safely.


Bitta Kidda

Remember the safe sleep recommendations of nothing in the crib?  This essentially means that a baby really shouldn’t have a lovey of any sort when they are under 12 months.  Bitta Kidda though has come up with a sleep sack that has a built-in lovey that a baby can use safely.


How to choose the right brand of sleep sack for you.


A lot of the sleep sacks have the same essential features.  So it is important to look for the one that has any special features you need like –

  1. The right TOG rating for the season you will be using it.

  2. Which one has the right size for your little one. Not all companies, as an example, make sleep sacks for preemies or for bigger kids.

  3. Choose size wisely. Some sleep sacks will adjust as your baby grows and their needs change, but others do come in a set size. Make sure that your baby fits comfortably in their sleep sack and even has a little room to grow.

  4. How easy it is for you to use. This is especially important when still changing diapers in the middle of the night!

  5. Consider value for money and your general budget. There are a vast range of prices out there for sleep sacks.


I hope this helps you in your quest to find the perfect sleep sack for your little one.  With so many options out there it can be so hard to pick just the right one.  Good luck!

Sleep sacks are great sleep products for babies and toddlers. Learn to reason's why you should be using them, how to choose the right one and this sleep experts favorite 3 sleep sacks.


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