I’m a FTM and spent the first 7 months of my son’s routine being there for him with no more than 30 seconds of crying. It was normal to me that he would wake up every 1-2 hours and I would nurse him to sleep each time. Being a business owner at the same time and coming to work like a zombie I knew this was not normal and something hand to change.

Little did I know that after the 2nd day of sleep training that my son would sleep from 6:00pm to 6:00am! A straight 12 hour! That has been the trend for the past 3 weeks and we now have a day time routine nailed down as well so planning the day was much easier. My husband and I now have time to spend with each other and cook dinner together. We just went on a date night together for the first time in one year!

Mylee’s program was gentle, effective and adaptable as each day was unique and threw curve balls. She was available at the odd times including the late nights and even apologized when she didn’t answer in more than a few minutes which I thought was extremely attentive at all times.

Mylee is truly a miracle sleep worker and I would recommend her services to all my friends. I even requested to extend a chat program with her so that I can continue to check in if any questions because you never know what comes our way with the crazy developments we see each day and can throw off the sleep routine. I can sleep better at night now knowing that I have Mylee on my side.



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