My aim is to you feel confident in your breastfeeding journey. Please reach out for any lactation support you need prior to welcoming your newborn or with any questions or problems during your breastfeeding/lactation journey.

**please note I do not take insurance. **

Prenatal Lactation Consultation

A prenatal lactation consultation can be scheduled at any point during your pregnancy.

During this hour long, private consult we will discuss the benefits of breastfeeding for you and your baby, any questions you have regarding breastfeeding, evidenced based techniques for starting your breastfeeding journey strong and the basics on milk removal and storage.

$ 150
Virtual Lactation Consultation

Have almost all of your breastfeeding needs and concerns addressed virtually from the comfort of your own home. 

During this 1 hour long video call on a HIPPA approved platform, I will evaluate both you and your baby. It will involve assessment of your milk production, latch and positioning through observation of a feeding.  We will discuss both your long term and short term goals.

 This package includes 2 follow up calls to check progress.

$ 275
Weaning Consultation

Weaning can be overwhelming with concerns about when and how to start with your child and worries about mastitis and engorgement. Let me help you break it down step-by-step and assist you in accomplishing your weaning goal whether it be less feeds or stopping all together. 


A 1-hour call will prepare you with the knowledge and support needed to gently wean.

$ 150