sleep training questions

5 Insights About Sleep Training From a Child Sleep Consultant.


Many parents worry about whether they should sleep train their child or baby.  Whether it is the right decision to make.  I’m here to cover some of the most common sleep training questions I hear from parents that contact me.  So that you too, can feel comfortable in making a decision to address any sleep challenges you are dealing with. There is nothing wrong with wanting to sleep train. I see lots of articles, Facebook Read more…

Choosing a daycare that values sleep.

How to find a daycare that will respect your baby’s sleep.


It can be hard enough to go back to work and leave your baby in the care of someone else, but finding the right daycare can be even more difficult.  Not only do you want a daycare with experienced staff members that will take joy in your baby, but you want a daycare that will do their best to respect your baby’s sleep.  After a long day of work, it can be so hard when you Read more…

The secret ingredient to successful sleep training.


We all want to know how to make sleep training successful with our little ones, and one of the key things I tell parents over and over again is CONSISTENCY.  Sometimes I bet they feel like I’m a broken record, but it is so true.  There is actually something else I have found, a secret ingredient if you will, that also makes for successful sleep training.  Want to know what it is? Dads and Sleep Training Read more…

The science of baby sleep.


Our babies change so much in their first months of life – they go from sleepy babies that mainly eat, sleep and poop to happy, alert babies who love to spend time playing and engaging with their parents and can fight sleep just for more snuggles or struggle get to sleep without rocking, feeding or the pacifier.  Learning the science of baby sleep can really help us as parents understand why babies sleep the way Read more…

baby sleep mistakes

6 Common Sleep Mistakes Many Parents Make.


Getting your baby to sleep is not always an easy task.  When you are a new parent, you haven’t necessarily learnt all the tips and tricks that can help.  Then when you are a second, third or foruth time parent it can be very easy to make sleep mistakes when you are juggling multiple kids because you just need them to sleep so you can concentrate on your other kids.  Don’t stress if you know Read more…

Introducing the SleeperHero

Does your child wake really early in the morning or get up out of bed repeatedly overnight?  Are you about to transition from the crib to a big kid bed or have a child who needs you in their room constantly because of night time fears?  If any of these scenarios ring true for you then you may want to consider investing in a SleeperHero! The SleeperHero arrived in a lovely box making it the Read more…

newborn sleep information

Let’s learn about newborn sleep.


As new and expectant parents we don’t generally get the opportunity to learn a lot about newborn sleep and how to set up healthy sleep habits early on. I had my first child back in Australia and the only class offered during my pregnancy was a childbirth class, which included learning about the birthing process and then how to swaddle and change a diaper. What newborn sleep looks like: A newborn baby’s sleep times and awake Read more…

Little Big Dreamers in the media

The best ways to handle curtain calls.


Does your child like to call you back into the bedroom multiple times a night for anything and everything they can think of?  Maybe it is needing the potty, another drink or one extra hug or kiss?  It can be awfully hard as parents not to keep coming back in.  Those extra kissed and hugs can seem so sweet.  And if you have a potty training toddler you may worry that if you don’t do Read more…

4 month sleep regression

Oh, no! The 4 month sleep regression has struck!


The 4 month sleep regression is one of those hot topics for moms of young babies.  You’ve either experienced the tiring, sleepless time that it creates or you’ve heard about it and dreading the fact that you’ll be there in the not so distant future.  All this leads to endless discussions on what this regression is, what to expect and how to handle it (or better yet prevent it).  Why is there such a regression? Read more…

best bedtime books

7 books that this sleep expert reads to her children at bedtime.


* This page includes affiliate links.  You won’t pay any more for the products by clicking on these links, but we’ll get a small commission. * Books are a wonderful part of a child’s bedtime routine.  Not only can it provide a sleep cue but they have other wonderful benefits as well.  Reading with your baby or child can teach your baby about communication, build listening and vocabulary skills, be relaxing and provide an opportunity Read more…