Are you sick of having major bedtime battles? There are many different things you can do to fix bedtime battles and have peaceful bedtimes again.

Change the way you approach your toddler’s bedtime.


Are you sick of having major bedtime battles or way too many callbacks after they are in bed? If this feels like your life then there are so many different things you can do to help get bedtime back on track and fix bedtime battles, curtain calls and have peaceful bedtimes again. Have clear rules about sleep. Kids do incredibly well with rules and boundaries in general and sleep is no exception. Sit down with Read more…

Rewards and sticker charts are popular parenting tools, but the truth is, they just don't work for encouraging lasting changes in a child's behavior.

Why rewards and sticker charts just don’t work.


Oftentimes when you ask for child behavior advice you will see suggestions on things like rewards or sticker charts to help incentivize the behavior you wish to encourage. As an example, people using MMs to reward toddlers during potty training or a sticker chart to show when a toddler follows their sleep rules. But I’m here to tell you that rewards and sticker charts just don’t work. They will not end with the results we Read more…

Swaddling is so important to help newborns sleep. Find out why you should be swaddling, things to consider and my 4 favourite swaddles.

The importance of the swaddle for newborn sleep.


When I was pregnant with my oldest son I remember learning at the hospital, during a weekend newborn baby course, how to swaddle a baby (along with other things like diaper changes and what labor might look like) but no one told me why I should swaddle my newborn for sleep.  So I really had no idea, just that I should know how to do it ready for when I have my baby.  Luckily though, Read more…

sleep sack recommendations

How sleep sacks help sleep.


With all the safe sleep recommendations, sleep sacks are a great common suggestion to get around such recommendations as no blankets or quilts.  Even blankets that are suggested as breathable, just aren’t considered safe for sleep.  But there are lots of other great ways sleep sack help sleep as well. Let’s discuss why you should use a sleep sack, things to think about when choosing sleep sacks and my recommended sleep sacks. Why use a Read more…

Find out all you need to know about helping a teething baby during their sleep and awake times.

How to help a teething baby sleep.


Teething takes up a huge portion of a child’s life and many people worry about their teething baby’s sleep. Some babies start teething as early as 4-6 months old up and can continue up until they are over 3 years of age. Of course, every baby is different when it comes to exactly when they get their first teeth. My oldest got his first teeth at 7 months old and my youngest son at 11 Read more…

tired parent

When your baby is sleeping well, but you can’t.


I usually talk about sleep tips for your kids, but it isn’t unusual for parents to have problems sleeping too. I know I have struggled many times in my life to get sleep, feeling frustrated because the kids are sleeping nicely, and my husband is snoring beside me. Now let’s talk about sleep tips for parents. There are things we can do as parents, to improve our sleep, so that even when we’ve sorted out Read more…

toys that promote creativity and imagination

True toys that foster creativity and imagination.


* This page includes affiliate links.  You won’t pay any more for the products by clicking on these links, but we’ll get a small commission. *   Today it is hard to walk around a toy store without finding hundreds of eye-catching toys, your toddlers will be begging you to buy.  The problem is, the majority of these toys require batteries, have the use of sound, and therefore don’t foster true creativity and imagination the Read more…

How early can you sleep train a baby?


The safe and appropriate time to to start sleep training, at the earliest, is quite a controversial question. There are so many different ideas and opinions on this. A popular New York pediatrics office suggests you can start sleep training as early as 8 weeks. But then you can also find information online where people will suggest that you shouldn’t start until at least four months or six months or even longer than that. This Read more…

Kids often find chores frustrating, boring or just plain don't want to do it. Here you'll find 6 tips for helping getting your child helping with chores around the house.

How to get kids involved in helping around the house.


The idea of doing chores around the house can be mighty unappealing for parents and kids.  For parents, we can understand why we need to do said chores- both to keep the house clean, tidy and germ-free, but to also make it presentable for anyone who may come over.  But for kids, they don’t find this a motivator. Helping around the house though is incredibly important.  They can learn life skills like responsibility, time management and being part Read more…

How to help your child prepare for the new school year and het back in to the school routine.

Getting back into the school routine.


During summer vacation routines and sleep schedules get relaxed.   It isn’t unusual for kids to have late nights and sleep-ins just because they  can.  But there comes a time when school is just around the corner and kids need to start preparing again. It isn’t the best idea just to get the kids in bed early the night before school starts and throw them back into the school routine the next day.  You’ll likely Read more…