solving toddler bedtime battles

The top 6 strategies for ending toddler bedtime battles.


Toddlers are notorious for finding ways to delay bedtime.  Whether it be for one last hug, another pee or a drink of water.  And if they aren’t delaying bedtime they could be putting up a fight when it is time for bed or coming out of bed numerous times when they should be concentrating on sleeping.  All these things can make for extremely stressful bedtimes for parents. I’m here to tell you though, that it doesn’t have Read more…

schools promoting sleep

How schools can promote healthy sleep habits for their students.


Sleep is such a huge part of children’s success at school.  Healthy sleep enhances student’s cognitive development because sleep helps to incorporate learning into permanent memory (also called memory consolidation).  Sleep also aids in organizational skills, multi-tasking, planning, and executive function. If students aren’t getting enough sleep they will struggle in so many aspects.  Not only may they be spending their day yawning away or even doze off in the middle of class but teachers Read more…

The low down on tantrums.


Tantrums can be one of the hardest things to deal with. When your kids are yelling and screaming because they wanted another cookie or because you cut up their sandwich or any other reason really, it can be so hard to know what to do. Should you leave them to it, walk out of the room, punish them or ignore them?   Why they happen. Firstly, It is important to understand why kids have tantrums. Read more…

How to cope with jet lag this summer.


In 2 weeks time, my family will be heading on vacation to France. It has me thinking a lot about recovering from jet lag again. Our family has a lot of experience traveling long distances to Australia (where we are from) and we often find it takes about a week for us to adjust. It feels to me, that I struggle more with going to Australia whereas my kids struggle more coming back. I wonder Read more…

Telling your toddler about a new baby.


Having another baby is such an exciting time.  You and your partner are over the moon and want to tell the world, but what is the best way to tell your toddler about a new baby? As you can imagine it is a major change for a toddler, welcoming another baby.  It shakes up their entire world as they know it.  Whether your toddler has older siblings or they are your first born, a new Read more…

crib to bed transition

The dos and donts of transitioning your toddler to a bed.


The move to a big kid bed is such a big and exciting milestone in your child’s life.  No longer are they a little toddler anymore but they are a child with the big responsibility of staying in bed all night.  There are no barriers any more keeping them in bed.  So how can you make the move go as smoothly as possible?  And if there are some hiccups on the way, how can you Read more…

keeping toddlers in their crib

How to hold off transitioning to a big kid bed as long as possible.


The transition from a crib to a big kid bed comes with many challenges.  If we do it too soon our toddlers aren’t developmentally ready and then it can result in many behavior challenges because of their newfound freedom.  Because of this, I tend to suggest keeping toddlers in the crib as long as possible – somewhere after the age of 3, or even 4 if you can manage it. Why hold off on transitioning Read more…

How to determine why your child is waking early.


* This page includes affiliate links.  You won’t pay any more for the products by clicking on these links, but we’ll get a small commission. * Do you have a child that loves to wake with the birds or even before them?  It can be so exhausting!  I’ve been there.  My second child woke up at 5 am every day for about a month when he was 9 months old!  It was my pre-sleep consultant Read more…

sleep training questions

5 Insights About Sleep Training From a Child Sleep Consultant.


Many parents worry about whether they should sleep train their child or baby.  Whether it is the right decision to make.  I’m here to cover some of the most common sleep training questions I hear from parents that contact me.  So that you too, can feel comfortable in making a decision to address any sleep challenges you are dealing with. There is nothing wrong with wanting to sleep train. I see lots of articles, Facebook Read more…

Choosing a daycare that values sleep.

How to find a daycare that will respect your baby’s sleep.


It can be hard enough to go back to work and leave your baby in the care of someone else, but finding the right daycare can be even more difficult.  Not only do you want a daycare with experienced staff members that will take joy in your baby, but you want a daycare that will do their best to respect your baby’s sleep.  After a long day of work, it can be so hard when you Read more…