Hello, I’m Mylee and I’m here to help your little one sleep!

Welcome to Little Big Dreamers!  I am a certified child sleep and behavior consultant and I help parents solve their baby or child’s sleep challenges.  My goal is to help as many parents bring joy back to their parenting moments as possible because the whole family is well rested..

The best piece of praise I have ever received from a family I’ve worked with was:

“I know a lot of people struggle with sleep, and truly, you have changed our lives. You cut my work day in half, literally. The 12 hours that he is sleeping now, I can use to feel like a person again …. We truly owe this to you, your teachings, your dedication, your compassion and all of the patience and hard work you’ve done for us. You have also given him such a gift. He really is thriving with more sleep, it’s so undeniable. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”  

mylee zschech child sleep and behavior consultant

My bio.

Back home in Australia, I worked as a Social Worker in areas like child protection, mental health, disability and in a children’s hospital helping sick kids and their families.  After having my first son my priorities changed and I stayed home looking after him and 2 years later my second son. I have LOVED so much being a mom.  Sleep and how best to handle my children’s behavior have been two of the biggest parenting concerns I’ve had. Knowing this, it is my passion to be able to help families with these areas.  Parenting firmly and fairly isn’t an easy task, and one we all struggle with every day, but the more tools you have the easier and more natural it becomes.

With both my kids in school full time I started studying the child sleep consultant certification through the Family Sleep Institute.  After completing this I found myself constantly searching for child behavior and child development books and learning all I could, so I jumped at the chance to become a certified child behavior consultant through The Early Years.  Now I get to help families all over the world with their sleep challenges!  There is truly nothing better.

Being a sleep consultant has truly been a wonderful journey.  Now I am proud to say that I am also the Director of Continuing Education with the Family Sleep Institute, where I received my certification and am also a Community Coordinator with the International Association of Child Sleep Consultants.

Family Sleep Institute Faculty

Here are my qualifications:

  • Bachelor of Social Work – Flinders University.
  • Graduate Certificate in Grief and Palliative Care Counseling – University of Adelaide.
  • Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant – Family Sleep Institute.
  • Reducing the Risk of SIDS in Early Education and Childcare – American Academy of Pediatrics.
  • Basics of Lactation Management – Lactation Education Resources.
  • Certified Child Behavior Consultant – The Early Years.
  • Seen on Romper, Mamapedia, Little Spoon Digest and Creating My Happiness.
  • Named one of the Top Sleep Consultants in the U.S. by Tuck Sleep.

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