We all want to know how to make sleep training successful with our little ones, and one of the key things I tell parents over and over again is CONSISTENCY.  Sometimes I bet they feel like I’m a broken record, but it is so true.  There is actually something else I have found, a secret ingredient if you will, that also makes for successful sleep training.  Want to know what it is? Dads and Sleep Training


Dad's can really help make sleep training successful - they can help support mother's in making the decision, help break the association between feeding and sleeping and so much more.

Let me tell you why….           Dads and Sleep Training

Support your partner in hiring a child sleep consultant.

Often times exhausted, sleep-deprived Moms desperately want to make sleep changes and hiring a Child Sleep Consultant is an excellent way to do it.  I know it is a big sum of money to shell out, but it is definitely worth it.  You get expert knowledge along with support along the way.  I know I and many other Moms feel like they need to get the go-ahead from their partners to make those big monetary commitments.  So, Dad’s you can help your partner by supporting her in her wish to hire a sleep consultant.  She is telling you she is tired of all the times she spends hours getting your child to sleep, the night wakings and early risings.  She is asking for support to make this better so that everyone, you included, can get the sleep you need.  Your little one will really benefit from better sleep as will you and your wife.  It can be so difficult to be the parent you want to be when you’re exhausted.

Support your partner while actually sleep training.

You’ve decided to do sleep training, whether on your own or with the support of a Child Sleep Consultant.  Now it is time for Dad’s to really support their partner’s through the process.  Sleep training isn’t the easiest to do, even though we know in our heart of hearts the end result is going to mean a child or baby who is thriving on more and better sleep and a well-rested household. Dads and Sleep Training

Together Moms and Dads should decide on a plan together that they can both be comfortable with and implement with consistency.  You need to know that when either of you is not around, you will do the same thing.  If you aren’t consistent, this is often where sleep training derails.  This means Dad’s, you need to be involved in the Child Sleep Consultant’s consultation process wherever possible.  Your participation is absolutely invaluable.  Or if you decide to go it alone, then really sit down and have an active discussion and make sure you and your partner on the same page before starting. Dads and Sleep Training

Breaking the nursing to sleep association.

Nursing to sleep is one of the biggest reasons parents contact me for help.  Dad’s can be really key in this process.  A Dad can be the one to put the baby down to bed or check on them in the night.  When babies can’t smell their mother’s milk they are likely to be less upset and frustrated whilst learning to self-soothe to sleep.  Whilst I can’t tell you they won’t get upset during the process, their upset and frustration will be lessened if the thing they want and are used to getting, isn’t right there out of reach. Dads and Sleep Training

Shift work.

The sleep training process can be tiring.  It can be useful to take shifts during the process so that you are both getting rests.  Dad’s, you can offer to take some of the night time responsibilities off your partner.  Previous to sleep training Dads often feel like there was nothing much they could do when nursing was what got their baby to sleep.  But now there is a place you can really shine and take some pressure off your partner.  Maybe Dad’s can do one half of the night and Mom does the other or you have one night on and one night off.  That way everyone is getting some sleep until your little one’s sleep has improved through the sleep training process. Dads and Sleep Training

Crying isn’t easy.

We all wish we could take the crying away from sleep training.  I certainly wish I could for you.  But no matter the method you use whether it be gentle or more direct, there are going to be some tears as your child expresses frustration at the sleep changes.  A mother’s heart can find it incredibly difficult to hear their little one cry.  This is totally normal and understandable.  So if you are the sort of Dad who feels confident that they can listen to those cries while being consistent, then you taking on the first days of sleep training can really help your partner.  I know though that not all Dad’s find it easy to hear cries too, so if you need the support of your partner and others (sleep consultants, family and friends) to get through the sleep training process, I completely understand. Dads and Sleep Training

Now that I’ve explained your new sleep training secret weapon, I’d love to hear from some of you about how Dad’s helped in the sleep training process.  Maybe you’ll even have a suggestion of other ways that I haven’t explored here!

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