Let’s make some sleep goals for the month of February to improve our little one’s sleep!  It is never too late to decide it is time for a change.  Ensuring that our children get enough uninterrupted sleep is important for them as it not only promotes growth and learning, it helps fight illness.  With all the yucky bugs going round our little ones need lots of help in the illness fighting department

Here are some great sleep goals that you could make this month:

Sleep goal 1: Make Sleep A Priority

If you know your child and your child are struggling to get the sleep you need, then make a promise to yourself, and them, that you will set aside some time to work on those sleep issues.  It is important to give yourself at least 2 weeks, if not more, to really work on those sleep issues.  Don’t schedule anything that is going to interrupt their sleep during this time like vacations or classes that occur during nap times.  Remember that sleep issues that have been ongoing for months are not going to immediately resolve overnight.

If you feel you need support to work on the sleep issues, don’t hesitate to engage a child sleep consultant.  Having someone with expertise who can work with you to formulate a customized plan and support you while you implement it is amazingly beneficial.  It can be helpful to know that you are not going through it alone and that you can ask questions when you are not sure what to do or if something you’re experiencing with your little one is normal.

Sleep goal 2: Introduce Good Routines.

There are quite a few different routines that are very important when it comes to addressing your child’s sleep.  One big one is the bedtime routine.  I can’t emphasize enough how important it is.  Not only does it provide a cue to sleep but consistent bedtime routines have actually been shown to reduce night wakings.

The timing of your child’s sleep is also an important routine.  Once a baby gets passed 4 months old it is time to start instituting regular nap times and bedtimes that are in line with their circadian rhythm.  When they sleep at the right time, they fall asleep faster, sleep better and for longer.  We need to harness their sleep waves.

When putting children, and babies, down to sleep it is important to have a consistent sleeping place.  When they are babies (especially under 6 months old) the AAP recommends that they should sleep in a crib in their parent’s room.  Sleeping as often as possible in their own crib will provide the most restorative sleep.  Sleeping in things like cars, swings and strollers do not provide the best rest.  Motion sleep has been likened to junk sleep.  They won’t wake up feeling as refreshed.

Steps you can take to make February the month of great sleep.

Sleep goal 3: Ensure the Bedroom is Sleep-Friendly.

Sometimes, a child’s bedroom could be inhibiting their ability to sleep well.  If the room is too bright, then this can disturb their ability to sleep well at naps or be making them wake up earlier than normal or find it difficult to fall asleep if at night if it is still light outside.  Invest in some blackout blinds that completely block out the light (even stray bits of light around the edges!).  Make sure that the room is at a nice temperature – not too hot and not too cold.  Between 65 and 70F is a great temperature.  White noise can also really help so that they are not disrupted by intermittent outside noise, you doing the housework or a noisy sibling.

Stay tuned for more sleep goals on February 1.  Let’s make February the month where your whole family gets the sleep they need.  You are worth it!

If you would like assistance with 1:1 help to get your little one to sleep through the night please do not hesitate to contact Mylee at Little Big Dreamers today.


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