Day Care Naps.

Some babies have an easy time when they start going to day care and nap easily within the structure and routine of day care and do not mind the busyness of the environment. While other Read more…

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How many parents out there have dealt, or are currently dealing, with the dreaded catnap? In the first few months of a newborns little life, their sleeping patterns are quite irregular, they can sleep for Read more…

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Tiffanie (mother of 5.5. month old)

Finally! Our baby is sleeping on a schedule and actually sleeping in his own crib in his room. All thanks to Mylee! She was wonderful with guiding us through this challenging transition. She was consistent with checking in, non judgmental and always offered support to my family. Thank you, Mylee.

Arianna (mother of 12 month old)

We are so grateful to Mylee for helping us with our little one! Her first minor suggestion on his nap schedule made a huge difference and in two weeks we his sleep improved significantly from there. Mylee patiently took the time to answer our many questions and full of tips and tricks!

Ivette (mother of 9 month old)

Mylee was very thorough with her intake and gaining understanding of our situation and what methods we were comfortable with. With her help and sleep plan, our baby starting taking long naps and sleeping through the night in his crib. She helped us tweak his schedule and was very supportive!

Elisabeth (mother of 8 month old)

My experience working with Mylee was great. She is, first and foremost, very knowledgeable and has clearly done the research behind various sleep theories and strategies. This meant that when something was difficult for our family to implement, such as a particularly early bedtime, she was able to work with us to find a solution that would still get our son better rested. It also meant that we trusted her recommendations and had confidence in implementing our sleep plan. We also found Mylee to be very professional in our interactions with her. She was on time for every phone call and Skype call, responded quickly to emails and texts, and was always organized and prepared with thoughts on how to move our son's sleep forward based on her review of the detailed sleep tracker she uses. Finally, and most importantly to us, Mylee was very accessible. When things didn't go according to plan, which is often the case when trying to train an 8 month old, I could get a hold of Mylee quickly and discuss next steps and how to amend the plan so that we didn't veer too far off course. I really appreciated being able to reach her when something unexpected came up, and I never, ever felt like I was being a nuisance. As a mom, she understood that questions or issues crop up unexpectedly and always worked with me to find a solution. Thanks, Mylee!

Aurelia (mother of 7 month old)

Mylee really helped with our little 6 month old boy - we gave her a hard task to do given we were not in our own home and on a significant jet lag but she still helped us resolve his sleeping issues. She was patient, understanding and available and we felt assured by her knowledge and experience. I would have no hesitation in recommending her.

Alexandra (mother of 9 month old)

When I called Mylee my son was 9 months old and was only capable of falling asleep while I rocked him.  When i would leave his room screaming would ensue and I couldn't handle how upset he would become and I would again give in and rock him to sleep. He had regressed from sleeping through the night and was up crying for no reason for at least 2 hours in the middle of the night at any given night. I felt I was unable to get a babysitter for day or night because no one else knew how to put him to sleep for a nap or bed time like I did it.  We both needed some sleep bootcamp! Mylee came over like a breathe of fresh air and talked through all of the issues we were facing and helped us arrive at a sleep plan that would work best for us.  She guided us every step of the way, providing feedback and advice at the end of each day.  Her techniques helped us TREMENDOUSLY! After about 2 weeks my son was sleeping through night and falling asleep on his own.  He even mastered falling asleep himself for nap time as well. Mylee's help has truly made such a difference in our lives. My son wakes up happy and refreshed.  We couldn't have done it without Mylee!!!

Jessica - preschool talk attendee

I just wanted to thank you so much for coming to speak at my kids' preschool this morning. It was so helpful for all of us to share with you our sleep struggles and to hear your advice. You are so knowledgeable and compassionate! We'd love to have you come back and speak again in a couple of months. I'm looking forward to implementing some of your suggestions this weekend. Thanks again!