Hello, I’m Mylee and I’m here to help your little one sleep!

Please don’t feel like you have to struggle with your little one’s sleep alone.  When dealing with a child or baby who isn’t sleeping well it is hard to know which end is up, or what to do next.  I’m here to help!!  I am a certified Child Sleep Consultant and I help tired and stressed parents improve their child or baby’s sleep through extensive education, individualized sleep plans and ongoing support.


A quick intro about me.

Mylee Zschech child sleep consultant

I’m a mom of 2 young boys – one is 4 and the other is 6.

I was where you are now.  I hired a sleep consultant when I was struggling with my little one’s sleep.  So I know what it is like to be struggling and just need someone to help figure it out and support you along the way.

I’m a social worker and I use my skills and training a lot in my work, including my knowledge and interest in child development.  I’m always here for you and love to help you succeed.

When not working I love to cook, read, travel and play with my boys.


My bio.

My name is Mylee Zschech and I am a Family Sleep Institute Certified Child Sleep Consultant. I’d love to tell you a bit about my journey to starting Little Big Dreamers.

Back home in Australia I worked as a Social Worker in areas like child protection, mental health, disability and in a children’s hospital helping sick kids and their families.  After having my first son my priorities changed and I stayed home looking after him and 2 years later my second son. I have LOVED so much being a mom.  During my time as a Stay At Home Mom my interest in sleep developed. Once I knew my kids would be in school full time I decided I needed to consider a career change and becoming a sleep consultant was my dream. When I found the child sleep consultant certification through the Family Sleep Institute I knew this was what I had to do. As a child sleep consultant I am able to help families from all over the country (and world) to get the sleep they need by developing customized sleep plans that meet their unique needs.  I love my job and working with all the amazing families that come my way.  I’d love for you to be one of them!


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