Mylee from Little Big Dreamers, is a social worker and certified Child Sleep Consultant.  She is here to help exhausted parents get the sleep they need.  If you are a new parent looking to learn about establishing healthy sleep habits for your newborn or a sleep deprived parent looking to help your baby or child sleep better then you have come to the right place.

Mylee can help families handle nap transitions, solve night wakings or early risings and work on transitions from crib to bed and out of co-sleeping.  Whatever issue you have, we can solve it together!

Are you ready to solve those sleep issues?  Contact Mylee to find out how she combines her social worker experience with her expertise in child and baby sleep to come up with unique sleep plans that suit each family’s needs, values and goals.  Mylee can offer sleep consulting packages to fit your budget, just contact Mylee or schedule your consultation today.



Night Weaning.

How to tackle night weaning has been a common question asked by parents recently.   At least one of the most popular feeding/sleep books of the moment advises that a baby should be able to sleep Read more…

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